Nicole Lee Smith is a Native American (Tlingit, Haida and Navajo) actress born and raised in WA State.

As a child and teen she participated in many local theatre productions and various print modeling jobs. She attended the University of WA and graduated with a B.A. in Drama.
After graduating college she branched beyond theatre and began working on various independent and student films.

She recently moved back to WA after spending a year living in Los Angeles. Where she kept busy with casting director workshops, acting & improv courses, and working on various television and film sets. She was featured on the short lived series "Big Shots" as well as the very well known series "House."

She is currently enjoying life in WA, where she continues to work in local theatre, film and print.

In February of this year she had the amazing opportunity to audition for the role of Emily in Summit Entertainment's "New Moon." Although she was not cast, she eagerly looks forward to what great adventures may lie ahead!
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